Home WiFi

Elecomms has extensive experience of deploying high quality and reliable wireless technology in the larger, unusual shaped and Graded listed properties. Our wireless network solutions extend the reach of the traditional single Wi-Fi router supplied by BT, virgin, TalkTalk and the like, to a Wi-Fi system that covers your whole home regardless of the property size or construction and deliver increased stability and roam-ability within the desired environment. We achieve this by installing multiple wireless access points throughout the property and setting them all to appear as one unified Wi-Fi network, so as you move from one room to another your devices for example iPhone, iPad or laptop automatically logon to the strongest Wi-Fi signal in in that room or area in the same way a mobile phone does as you go about your daily business outside your home.

A wireless access point in most cases be can configured to run several WiFi networks for example one for the family which is secure so all your families music and photos etc. are available to all the family members and have a separate WiFi network that is wholly isolated from your home network for your guests that only give them access to the internet so keeping your private information private.

Ironically, for your wireless network to operate flawlessly it is always best to hard wire each wireless access point back to the main router location in the house and only bridge access points as a last resort however a wireless bridge can be installed on or near outbuildings to enable them to have Wi-Fi coverage as well.
Once the initial free site survey has been completed, our trained engineers will work with you to build a wireless network that meets all of your requirements. The network design will have to take into account your existing network, network security and wherever possible your future demands. Our data cabling engineers enable Elecomms to offer a 'one stop solution for your networking projects resulting in a fast, reliable, cost effective communications within and around your home.

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