Mr & Mrs Campbell, Suffolk

This was a large five bedroom modern house in Suffolk.

The brief was to install a complete wifi and hardwire data network fro scratch this involved running-in Cat6 cables for both the wireless access points and hardwire points. We installed Ubiquiti unifi in-wall wireless access points on the ground floor and Ubiquiti unifi in-celling wireless access points in the loft to cover the first floor. We also installed hardwired ethernet points an all the bedrooms, study, and for all the TV's. 

The clients were great to deal with and the works went very well.

Mr & Mrs Campbell, Suffolk
Elecomms installed Cat6 cabling from scratch in the house that we bought in July 2022, after taking us through all possible options clearly beforehand during our free site survey.  The work involved lots of attention to detail and appeared quite challenging in places however they proved to be a complete masters of it all. 

He is also versatile and adaptable and can turn his hand to any technical or practical installation - for example he kindly offered to install two new televisions, one needed to be wall mounted with no cables showing, ensuring they were connected by hardwire to our new network and were tuned in and perfectly set up! 

Robert's professional knowledge and expertise are of the highest standards and we are entirely pleased with the results. Wifi Reception throughout the house and garden is perfect as he promised.

The extensive cabling, inside and out, was installed very neatly and unobtrusively, a new data hub cabinet has been installed in the garage to accommodate the kit required to run the wifi & data system they even had to run 30+ cables under a short path between the house and garage with minimum disruption and very tidy end result as Robert assured us would be the case. Throughout the considerable process, Robert explained the steps involved and was keen to ensure that we were happy as work progressed. He was unfailingly pleasant, obliging and easy to communicate with.

We would not hesitate to recommend Robert & Elecomms as a complete expert in his field, determined to carry out work to the client's entire satisfaction.