Terms & Conditions

Please keep this copy of these Terms and Conditions for future reference.
Please read them carefully.
They do not affect your statutory rights.


All orders for any goods and or services, supplied by the company Elecomms are subject to the following terms and conditions as published below. You the customer fully accepts these conditions and they will apply to any & goods &/or services supplied by Elecomms the company.

Estimates & Quotations:
All quotations & estimates are valid for 30 days from the date show on the quotation or estimate.

Please Note all estimates are issued on the prior understanding that:
If we need more materials and or extra time to complete the works then initially allowed for then I will notify you as and if it arises and the extra costs that may be added to the final invoice.  If, however we can complete the works sooner and/or with less materials then off-course we would reduce the final invoice to reflect this.

Making a Purchase:

we require the full material costs on your order on your order/go-ahead for the works, then the Labour and any miscellaneous materials or extras to be paid either on invoice or completion of works or by prior arrangement in advance of the works completion.

Elecomms Guarantee:

Unless otherwise stated, all goods are guaranteed free from defect caused by faulty materials, workmanship and Elecomms faulty installation, for a period of twelve months from the date of our Final works invoice.

Elecomms should be notified promptly in writing via email upon discovery of faulty goods etc. at this point whenever practically possible you should cease using the faulty item as further use may cause more damage to ether the device or other parts of overall system.

Guarantee claims can only be made within 12 months period from the date of Elecomms Final works invoice.

We reserve the right to inspect, test and assess the Item to confirm that the alleged defect has not been caused by other factors than faulty materials, workmanship or Elecomms installation.

Elecomms is not liable under this Guarantee if:
Our final works invoice has not been paid in full for whatever reason. Defects arising from fair wear and tear, willful damage, power failure, heat damage, dust Damage, device power transformer failure, anti-surge protection failure, negligence, misuse, repairs without our approval in advance, using the goods in an unsuitable way or location and in circumstances such as misuse, removal and reinstallation by others or attempted alteration or accidental damage however caused and force majeure.

The guarantee shall not be affected by and no obligation or liability shall result from us providing technical advice or service in connection with the supply and/or installation of any goods. Our liability under the Guarantee shall be limited to replacing, repairing and reinstalling the faulty item as originally supplied and installed by Elecomms in its original configuration.

During the warranty period Elecomms will be solely and exclusively responsible for the maintenance and ongoing support of the newly supplied and installed equipment, cabling and data hub.

Limitation of liability:

All warranties, conditions or other terms whether express or implied by statute or common law or otherwise are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law. We exclude all liability for any loss, damage or expense howsoever suffered or incurred by you as the direct, indirect or consequential result of the goods either not being of satisfactory or merchantable quality, or fit for any purpose, or conforming to any description and you hereby irrevocably waive all rights which you may have in respect of such loss, damage or expense and/or in respect of any breach or default of any warranty implied by statute, equity or common law concerning the quality, fitness or description of the goods.
The conditions do not apply where you deal as a consumer in accordance with section 12 of the Unfair Contracts Terms Act 1977 and to the extent that that such exclusion is not permitted in accordance with the provisions that Act. Your statutory rights remain unaffected by anything in these Conditions.
Nothing in these Conditions shall limit our full liability in respect of death or personal injury caused by our own negligence or under Part 1 of the Consumer Protection Act 1987.
We shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages for any breach hereof, including but not limited to costs of loss of goodwill, loss of profits or loss of use, company downtime or financial losses however caused in repeat of Elecomms installed equipment or systems failure.

Elecomms Credit Terms:

Elecomms Does not give credit.


We accept payments by BACS/CHAPS, Internet Bank Transfers & United Kingdom bank Credit/ Debit card (Visa, Mastercard) Via chip ’n’ pin or you can pay us with PayPal by prior agreement. (We use iZettle card processing system)

Paying by BACS/CHAPS/ PayPal:
please call us before you make the payment to get our correct details, and to confirm payment amount to avoid any possible transaction errors.  

Upon completing the BACS/CHAPS please send us by e-mail with the proof of the transfer.

Please Note: 
No goods or services will be counted as settled until the funds have cleared though our account and no goods will be ordered nor dispatched until the funds are cleared and are fully available in our account.

The company does not except any responsibility for any errors made for funds lost in transit arising from paying via BACS/CHAPS, PayPal or Credit/Debit card or Internet Bank Transfers made by others.

Service & Maintenance Calls:

Please bear in mind that if you call us out and we are unable to gain access to the property through no fault of our own then we reserve the right to remit you for a wasted journey & Labour, Travel time spent  and any reasonable expenses incurred regardless of there being a maintenance contract in place or not.

Failure to Pay for Goods & Services:

Please note:  3rd Party agent refers to any entity that is not the end user i.e. developer, architect, Builder, landlord, property manager etc.

Elecomms has the right to seek the full outstanding monies owed from the end user /client to whom goods were delivered to and/or have had installed in in their property in the event of a 3rd party agent not paying Elecomms as contracted or agreed either verbally or in writing in the event of the 3rd party agent not paying Elecomms for the goods and/or services regardless of the reason or circumstances surrounding the non-payment of an Elecomms full or part outstanding works invoice to that agent.
In this instance a third party or the end user will be given the opportunity to settle the outstanding debt directly with Elecomms and will avoid any further actions providing the outstanding invoice is settled in full within 14 (fourteen) days of being notified the monies are owing.

If Elecomms is unable to effect full payment from the 3rd party agent or end user /client then it reserves the right to appoint a third debt recovery agent, Court Bailiff, High Court sheriff and the like to recover both the goods from wherever they reside and the monies for services supplied plus costs regardless of whether a 3rd party agent or end user/ client has paid anther party for the goods and services supplied by the Elecomms. 

Please Note:
Any and all costs incurred in relation to the unpaid debt recovery process and any action taken by us or on our behalf by our agents to recover the debt will be solely borne by the debtor and all costs will be added to the final amounts owed.

The company is entitled to charge interest on any overdue amounts over 14 Days (two weeks) at a rate of 5% above the base rate of the company’s bank. This can be implemented and backdated on any overdue amounts at any time at Elecomms sole discretion. 30 days (1 months) of none payment or the debt has not been settled in full then we reserve the right to pass the matter on to our debt recovery agents Daniels Silverman Ltd who will immediately subject an additional surcharge of 15% plus Vat to the total debt accrued to that date to cover collection costs incurred. This surcharge together with all other charges including the ongoing monthly interest charges and legal fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer and will be legally enforceable.

Reservation of Title:

The legal title and ownership of all goods supplied by the company shall not pass to the purchaser or any 3rd party regardless of whether that third party has paid any other party i.e developer/contractor until Elecomms has been paid in full for all goods and services supplied.

Returns Policy:

We guarantee your satisfaction.
A full refund will be provided for all goods have been paid for in full and the goods are returned to the company within 14 days of purchase provided the goods are returned in original retail condition and retuned with all packaging literature & accessories intact.

All items will be inspected on their return for missing accessories, literature and damaged or considered to be below original sale condition will not be fully reimbursed.
The buyer must accept the cost of shipping the returned goods.
On items not carried in Elecomms usual stock and ordered for your job there is a 25% restocking fee.

Our Privacy Policy:

In accordance with the Data Protection Act, this policy gives you information about how Elecomms treats personal information received from our website visitors and all of our customers.

What is personal information?:

Personal information is defined as information about you that is personally identifiable such as your title, name, address, email address and phone number etc. Contact Us: If you send us an enquiry via email, letter or Fax we’ll use your details to respond to your request/comments only.

Changes to the privacy policy:

We may update this policy from time to time. Please check this page on our website regularly for notification of any significant changes in the way we treat your personal information.

Data Protection:

Elecomms will hold information on you/your company only when it is relevant to our current or potential trading relationship. This information will be used where necessary to enable us to service your requirements including the provision of relevant (optional) marketing communications. The information held will be updated at the time changes are identified or discovered. Relevant information will only be shared with third parties when they are appointed by us to fulfill duties in relation to our business (e.g. couriers, service agents etc).

Accessing your data:

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you. If you would like to see details of the information, we are holding please request this in writing. We will endeavor to provide you with this information within 14 days, but no later than 40 days from the date of request. Please note that, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, a £10 admin fee is applicable. For further information, please contact us by email Datarequest@elecomms.com

Governing law and Jurisdiction:

These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England. The courts of England are to have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes arising out of or in connection with the use of the Site.
We do not accept amendments to these terms and conditions.


If any of these Terms of Use should be determined to be illegal, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable by reason by of the laws of England in which these Terms of use are intended to be effective, then to the extent that, and within the jurisdiction which that Term is illegal, invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed, deleted and will be replaced by an enforceable provision that comes the closest to the intention underlying the unenforceable provision. The remaining Terms of Use shall survive, remain in full force and effect, and continue to be binding and enforceable until the updated terms are published.

Elecomms retains the right to update and amend these terms at any time without further notice or advice in writing to any individual or company.         
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